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The world of shoes and slouch boots is ever changing, not only in style but in many other
When women first started wearing shoes, they were worn for more practical uses and not so much for style as they are today.
Shoes are not only worn to protect women’s feet, they are also worn because they add the final touch to the style you are trying to create.images (2)
As a woman, you will bend over backward to feel and look attractive. Many of the methods used to obtain this goal is the high-heeled shoe or boot which has become one of the most popular types of women’s foot apparel                 images (11) images (4)

images (2)       images (4)                                                                  

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Womens Ankle Boots


Ankle Boots

Do some women love to wear ankle boots in the winter. Ankle boots have been popular since 2010. A favourite for autumn wear, zipper  ankle boots can provide versatility to your wardrobe.LAVISH-FERN-TAN-SUEDE-Angle-190x190@2x

They are perfect for chilly fall nights and mild winter days. Pair these boots with a variety of clothing pieces to create casual and comfortable outfits. Alternatively, match a heeled pair of ankle boots with lacy blouses and tights to create an elegant dressier outfit.

You can match a pair of flat ankle boots with skinny jeans and a chunky knit sweater for a warm and casual look in fall.RMK-TALLULAH-SAND-KID-SUEDE-ANGLE-190x190@2x


Alternatively, wear a pair of ankle boots with boot cut jeans or wide leg jeans like you would any other shoes; Dress up in a cotton dress or tunic with a pair of thick tights and some ankle boots. If it is not especially cold outside, consider footless tights and a pair of thin socks so your feet don’t sweat.

Combine ankle boots with tights and a mini skirt for RMK-DARBY-COGNAC-LEATHER-A-190x190@2xa dressier look. To make this look more casual, replace the mini skirt with denim shorts. You can wear heeled or flat boots; Look for ankle boots in colors other than just black or brown.

                                                                                                Add Color

Use your ankle boots to add color to your outfit. this can be done with women’s ankle boots, there are more than two colors for you to choose from. Not just black or black and white.The women’s ankle boots are also called women buckle strap boots.RMK-JASMIN-BLACK-LEA-MULTI-A-190x190@2x

I love these because I think women’s ankle boots can show their slim leg fully. And they can always match  silk stocking when they wear this shoe in winter. That is the perfect match for me in this winter.

It will look very sexy and fashionable, the most important thing is ankle boots combine with the element of RMK trade mark, and it is the most trends product in this winter.More Information: click here

Womens Over-Knee Boots


 Autumn & Winter wear,Women Over-Knee Boots

It is widely recognised that boots are the best and the most practical wearing in the coming of autumn and winter. I suggest that every girl and woman must have more than only one pair of boots in their shoe boxes.images (11)

As far as I’m concerned, as for girls and women, it is of great significance for you to have several pairs of women boots with different styles, types, lengths and patterns! In most cases, the majority of women and girls would choose these all-matched boots so that they can help them show a variety of fashion styles and impressions that can Lavish-Candi-black-microsuede-A-190x190@2xhighlight their unique temperament and individuality totally and completely.

       Matching Problems

The most important thing is that they can help you solve all your matching problems easily! Among all types of boots including short boots, ankle boots, snow boots, over knee boots, RMK boots and so on, I strongly recommend these over knee boots for you.

They are certainly your best and the most all-matched wearing for you in the cool autumn and cold winter. However, as for these fashionable over knee boots, there are still some tips that you should pay attentions to in advance if you have decided to buy such a pair of boots.To begin with, it is not suitable for all women and girls to wear actually.images (4)

         Try On

The much slimmer and better figure you have, the more advantages and rights you have to wear these over knee boots. Therefore, I strongly suggest that you should try it on to make sure that it is not only suitable but also fit for you to wear.

Only when the pair of boots satisfy two conditions below, fit for your feet and comply with your temperament and help you show the fashionable and decent impression that you want, can you buy that wisely and decisively.Second, if you are the person who wears over knee boots at the first time,RMK-ISLA-COGNAC-NAPPA-A-190x190@2x

                                          Best Choice

I think that you may need to spend more time and have more patience on wearing them. However, you will find that all these are deserved finally.images (5)

Wearing flat bottom long boots is undoubtedly your best choice in cold time! To match them with shorts, stockings or just wear them directly, they can certainly make you become the particularly fashionable, beautiful and charming lady that makes you ecstatic! Just take them back home right now, and you will find how wonderful they are!More here.


Sexy shoes continue to gain popularity each year. Find out why!


What is it with sexy shoes? Why are they so popular today and why have they been popular for so long? Sexy shoes have a special place in the heart and soul of many people across the globe, but why?

To start with, a pair of high heels can instantly elongate the lines of the legs that can make the legs appear slimmer and create more elegant curves from the hip to the toe. I’ve also read that wearing high heel shoes can make the foot appear smaller than it actually is.

Additionally, high heel shoes alter the stance of the woman and this forces her breasts up and makes her derriere protrude farther out than normal. The correct pair of shoes can even help create an air of confidence due to the fact that they make the woman taller than normal and tend to attract more attention to her.

Sexy shoes aren’t just popular with women, but with men and cross dressers as well. Sexy shoes are known to be a fetish item in their own right. Sexy shoes are collectible and can be considered works of art without even having a foot to fill them. People all over the world collect exotic high heel shoes.

Although they may not be the most practical clothing item in the world, it really doesn’t come down to practicality. Sexy shoes are popular for reasons not related to their comfort or practicality. If you still don’t get it, then you probably never will.

Now, aren’t you ready for your next pair of sexy shoes?

Quality Shoes-what traits to look for


Ben Franklin probably didn’t say “show me a grumpy man and I’ll show you a man with bad shoes”, but he should have. They say that shoes make the man, and they’re right on that one in more ways than one. Good, quality shoes do more than make you look good – they make you feel good. A pair of high-quality shoes makes your feet happy, and when your feet are happy, the rest of you is in a much better frame of mind to deal with your day. Poorly made and ill-fitting shoes are at the root of many a miserable day, and here’s why.

                Poorly made shoes hurt more than your feet.
Your feet are your skeleton’s foundation. When there’s a problem with the foundation of a building, the symptoms can show up in cracks in the walls or ceilings, floors that tilt in the wrong direction – even in electrical and plumbing problems. The same is true with your body. When your shoes don’t support your feet properly, your legs and hips and spine and shoulders and neck try to compensate. Taking any of those out of alignment can cause discomfort, pain, and other problems.

You’re far more likely to notice the discomfort of things like bunions and blisters caused by rough seams, heel pain from poor support and generally aching feet from shoes that constrict them. Between the obvious pain caused by shoes that aren’t made well and the more subtle effects of poorly fit and low-quality shoes, you can end up in constant low-level pain. Who can think clearly and be cheerful when their feet and their body are in pain?

                   How high-quality shoes can help
Well-made, quality shoes like those made by Naot support your feet in a number of different ways. Naot shoes are designed to keep your feet happy. The heel cup is designed to keep your heels steady, preventing your ankles from tilting when you walk. The shank that runs from the heel to the ball of your foot gently encourages your feet to distribute your weight evenly. A roomy toe box gives your toes the room they need to move and grip the ground while you walk – even if they’re not actually in contact with the ground.

The materials that go into making up your shoes also make a big difference. Real leather breathes, wicking moisture away from your feet and letting air circulate around them. That means cooler feet, less chance of infection and a lot less stinky feet.

                             What to look for in quality shoes
Now that you know why quality shoes are important, let’s talk about how to choose a good pair of shoes that will support your feet – and your body – properly.

                                  First, look at the shoe.
Style may be important to your eye, but there are other things to look for. Are the seams straight and evenly stitched? Is the leather smooth and well-finished? Does the shoe LOOK well-made?

                                            Feel the shoe.
Take the shoe in both hands and try to twist it. It should have a little give, but not bend out of shape easily.

Try to bend the shoe in half so that the heel and toe meet. Again, it should have a little give, but you shouldn’t be able to fold it. The shank of the shoe should prevent the shoe from bending beyond the ball of the foot.

Push up against the bottom of the toe of the shoe. The front of the shoe should bend easily so that your toes and the balls of your feet can do their work.

                             Poke around inside the shoe.
Go on, push your hand inside the shoe and feel around. You should feel no protruding seams or rough areas. The inner surface should be comfortably padded and smooth. The tongue of the shoe should have enough padding to let you lace shoes without cutting into the top of your  

                                  Check the materials.
The uppers and lining of the shoes should be leather. Leather breathes and molds to fit your feet comfortably. You may not be able to look under the shoe’s hood, so to speak, but you can ask about other materials. A steel shank is the most supportive, and leather soles will wear far better than most manmade materials.

                               A few last things:
Excellent quality shoes like Naot clogs and sandals can be pricey, but it’s money well-spent. Still, like anything else, shoes do show wear. You’d hate to find a pair of shoes that fit perfectly and make you feel so good – only to have to replace them in just a few years. A good quality pair of shoes will last you up to ten years – if you care for them properly. Look for shoes that can be resoled and reheeled easily. Naot shoes are among the most versatile in this respect – you can replace the entire shoe bed when needed to keep them feeling fresh, new and comfortable for years.

Finding The Perfect Pair Of Boots


As a woman, I always have a desire to be noticed by others. In order to achieve this objective, I can spend hours in front of the mirror to get my appearance right. And this means making sure everything from top to bottom including my shoes is perfect. I do have a sense of what footwear to put on based on my outfit, even if I say so myself. For example, If it’s winter, I’d wear a pair of knee-length leather boots that keep my legs covered and compliment my coat, be able to walk on snow for long distances easily without my feet hurting or blistering. So where am I going with this? I am simply trying to help you find the perfect pair of boots like I have.

It’s Winter Again!
A staple in most women’s fall and winter footwear wardrobes, boots are very much “in” fashion this year. Typically, winter boots are made with leather on the outside and soft, luxurious sheepskin lining to ensure that your feet stay warm even under extreme cold conditions. If you consider yourself a style diva, then winter boots are your ultimate style statement in comfort, warmth, and chicness. Of course, you must be ready to pay for it all!

Boots are really trendy and there is wide choice from flat-heels to stilettos, wedges, and platforms, boots are everything in between. Don’t believe me? Just head over to the “downtown” areas of any well-populated city in America or hop to the nearest mall, to find almost every other woman flaunting her boots in colors as varied as black, brown, silver, gold, and many others!

The Hottest Boots In Cold Winter
Now for the season’s winner! Yes, the hottest boots this season are the flat and riding boots. And if you already have a pair of heeled boots, don’t sweat! Pick up a pair of flat boots and you’ll have double the joy and choice for mixing things up and making your own fashion statement!

An easy way to check out and shop for boots is to order them online. The range is latest in styles, colors, materials and the experience is fun and tempting. But, you may want to actually visit a store and try out the boots you like before buying them. What’s the point in spending all that money on a pair of shoes that don’t fit you? Sigh!

Finding boots that fit you perfectly, while giving you enough toe room, can be a little difficult because of the varying calf and ankle sizes in women. Boots that are too tight in the calves are highly uncomfortable, while those which are loose look terribly sloppy. If you are keen on buying boots online, then visit an online seller. Also check if the online store offers you free shipping and free returns just in case you need to return the boots for a better fitting pair. You may also check if the online as well as the malls offer you custom fits by sizing them as per your individual shoe size.
Getting Boot-ylicious!
Now that you know how to find that perfect pair of boots, its time to choose one or all of the many boot styles that are doing the rounds this winter.

Black is In
Black patent leather boots are very much in vogue. For all you sassy ladies, a pair of knee-high boots is just the thing to make the guys drool! Accessorize the boots with a pair of fishnet stockings.

Point Your Toes In the Right Direction
If you like to play the part of PYT or ‘Pretty Young Thing’, then a modest pair of ivory knee-length boots are perfect! Pointed toes are trendy and fashionable. Flash them with a feminine outfit for a dramatic effect!

Metallic Magic
Back in fashion are the ankle-length boots in striking metallic shades. If you are daring and love to wear your attitude on your feet then these are just the thing for you. Enjoy all eyes on your feet!

Complimenting Skinny Jeans
Slick pair of boots with a faux fur fringe or metallic detailing is an excellent way to compliment a pair of skinny jeans. Tuck the jeans into the boots and finish out the rock star look with a funky top and a denim jacket if it’s nippy!

Turn Up The Heat!
If you want to look your Diva-ish best then slip into a pair of thigh-high boots, and slip on a mini dress! Watch the temperature rise…

Boots with laces are cute and sensual in a wonderful way. Try a tan color pair of knee-high boots with block heels and attractive upsweep.

Casual Chic
The most popular season choice – black patent leather flat heeled boots are chic and stylish. Ideal for a night of partying!

The Perfect Pair
If you just rather own a single pair of boots and want them to go with just about anything then invest in a pair of tan, suede boots with stiletto heels! A classic style, it never fails to go out of fashion and always makes a bold statement!

So, all I’d like to say is that boots, any type, are simply awesome! And the best part is you can dress them up or dress them down depending on your outfit and occasion.

Five Pairs of Shoes That Every Woman Should Have


We know that everyone loves shoes, buys shoes and has many pairs of shoes in their closets. While you might not need all the shoes that you have in your closets, here are five pairs of shoes that every woman should have:

– Great Looking Business Shoes. You need to have a special pair of smart shoes for work. These should look great, and match well with your suit. They will be perfect for interviews, as well as those important presentations and business trips.

They would usually be black shoes with medium size heel, to make you look taller and in control, but still comfortable enough to wear all day.

– Great Looking Shoes to Wear With Jeans. Who wears jeans with sneakers anymore? As jeans are becoming cooler, and more embellished, you need something cuter then a basic sneaker to go with them.

We recommend cool high heel sandals in the summer, or great looking boots in the winter.

– Great Looking Sneakers. You still need to exercise and go to the gym. While you will not wear sneakers with your stylish jeans, you still need sneakers for exercising and walking outside. There are lots of different sneakers on the market now – pick the ones that fit you, and that fit your exercise routine.

– Cool Dressy Shoes. You have that gorgeous dress, and you need matching shoes to go with it. Get something fun and gorgeous to go with the dress. Splurge a little – here the right shoes will make all the difference.

– The Pink Shoes. You know, everyone has at least one pair of completely impractical, bright pink or bright red shoes. You found them at the store, they didn’t really match any of your outfits, but you just had to have them.

Which ones of these types of shoes do you have in your closet?

Why are People Buying Shoes Online?


These days, finding the perfect pair of shoes is only a click away. The enormous selection at online stores is something that your local shoe store just can’t match. Whether you are looking for boots, dress shoes, casual shoes, athletic shoes or some comfy slippers you will find exactly what you need at the price you want and in the size that fits you. Why are people buying shoes online? It’s easy, for selection, price, and convenience.

Save up to 70% or more, on a huge selection of footwear. Free shipping(US continent only).

               Online you can find many brands such as                                                           Birkenstock

There are many sources of discount Birkenstocks, however, to find them you may need to look around a little in your area. Even if Birkenstocks are about the best value for your shoe money, they can be a little expensive, especially if you’re outfitting the whole family.

There are three simple ways that you can find Birkenstocks at reduced prices. You can look at retailers of Birkenstocks for sales on last year’s models, you can find overstock or liquidation style stores, or shop online and take advantage of reduced costs available online (often with rebates and sales that are only available online).

Another reasonably good place to check for reduced prices on Birkenstocks is through eBay. Many people sell Birkenstocks through online auctions, many at considerably reduced prices from retail, even on current year models. Since eBayers don’t have to spend money on setting up their own retail presence, they are able to offer cheaper and discounted prices on Birkenstock sandals or any other footwear by Birkenstock. Just be sure to use the eBay that is closest to you to save on shipping costs.

Birkenstock sandals – if you’ve never had a pair you don’t know what you’re missing. You can wear them barefoot in summer or toss on a pair of wooly socks and boot around in your Birkenstock sandals all winter. Well at least that’s what we do out here on the west coast.
For those of you “Back East” Birkenstocks and wool socks may be a bit much, but you can always choose to wear clogs instead during the winter.

The sandals that Birkenstock makes are quite unique. They have a very sturdy cork sole that is really light and naturally water resistant so it holds up well in almost any conditions. The nice thing about the cork is that it slowly forms to your feet so that you get a completely custom fit that provides just the right support.

To be sure some people find that the arch in Birkenstocks does not fit their feet exactly right (I have had this problem), but by trying on slightly different sizes and adjusting the straps on the sandals you should be into a pair of comfy footwear in no time at all.

There are cheaper knockoff versions of Birkenstock footwear, but none of them can come close to matching the quality. The footbed is second to none, and the sandal straps are made of high quality softened leather so that the sandals are comfortable from the first day you walk in them. I’ve had pairs of Birkenstock sandals last as long as 7 years, no other cork-soled leather sandal I’ve ever owned has even come close.


The Best Option For Prom Night Event


Prom nights are memorable events in everyone’s life. People prefer to dress in a better manner, so when they look back into their album, they start smiling. The overall dress i.e clothing, hairstyle, shoes, everything must be perfect. When it comes to pairing shoes, silver prom shoes are considered to be the best. These pair of shoes adds an extra glamour to your personality.images (2)

You can fit metallic silver shoes or muted pair of shoes with any color dress. The dresses such as dark blue, silver satin dresses or silk dresses look quite divine with this pair of shoes.Silver prom shoes are available in different forms. You can buy the shoes with are fitted with diamantes, shiny beads and crystals.

                                            Silver gladiator shoes 

Shoes with intricate designs also look tremendous with your prom dress. If you are wearing any strappy dress, silver prom strappy shoes look tremendous with everyone’s personality. Moreover, if you are looking to add an edgy look into your personality, silver gladiator shoes are the perfect option. Those who are wearing short silky dresses, prom shoes with ribbons are quite suitable match.Tiffany blue shoes are new to this fashion, and they are the best match for all types of events.

The tiffany blue color is the robin egg blue color or light blue with pale touch. The Tiffany color theme is quite popular among the people for organizing different events. If you are organizing any party with tiffany theme, you must choose to wear tiffany blue shoes. You can match this blue colored footwear with matching jewelry.

                                           Wedding Theme

Women are advised to pin tiffany color attire with these pairs of shoes.When it comes to the wedding theme, tiffany is again the most popular one. You can wear tiffany blue wedding shoes, which are quite suitable as wedding collection. Bridal attire can be made with this color, and she can also wear jewelry with the same color. Along with the shoes, you can arrange the whole event in with this

For example, you can make the invitation card, flowers for decorating the space everything can be made in this color. Even the gifts and cakes can be made with this color. You can wrap the gifts for the guests with tiffany colored wrapper. However, you must use this color in control, so that it does not look boring.

                              Tiffany blue wedding shoes

While you are matching Tiffany blue wedding shoes with the same colored dress, you should bear it in mind that it should not look monotonous.More Information:When you are going to attend prom party, you can choose to wear silver prom shoes. These shoes are quite suitable for all types of prom dresses. Thus, women who want to look attractive and fashionable at the same time; they can match their dress with these silver pairs of shoes. On the other hand, when you are looking to attend any wedding party, tiffany blue shoes are quite suitable. Tiffany blue wedding shoes are available in different designs, shape and size.images (3)

Put On Your Dancing Shoes


  Plimsoll style pumps 

Apparently, it’s not just women that get a little bit excited about shoes. OK, so men don’t go quite as far and usually don’t own so many shoes, but still, when it comes to trainers, men have plenty of shoes that women all think look the same.LAVISH-RHONDA-WHITE-SOFTEE-A-190x190@2x

But men will be quick to assure women that they arent and they need just one more pair. Speaking of trainers, what are the key styles to wear right now? Plimsoll style pumps are here to stay. They are comfy, cool and effortlessly stylish. Plus, the best thing is the price.

                                         Different colours

You can get a decent, on-trend pair of shoes for well under ?20, which means you can have a few pairs in different colours, so you can colour coordinate your entire outfit, head to toe. Plimsolls can be lace-up or slip-on, plain or pattered, thick or thin soled, basically, whatever goes.BONBONS-SLINKII-TAN-LEATHER-A-190x190@2x

But particularly popular styles are dogtooth and checked and have the girls shouting hello sailor with some nautical themed stripes. Speaking of sailors, deck shoes are hanging on into the winter. Although the rain may be coming and sailing is looking less and less appealing, deck shoes are making their way into autumn/winter fashion trends later this year.

                                                                                                  Personal style

They are now coming in suede and leather to weather the elements. Men get a little crazy over trainers and personal style is infinitely more important than fashion. The more individual, creative and colourful the better it seems. Thankfully, you won’t be disappointed with this seasons offerings.LAVISH-FREE-STONE-SUEDE-Angle-190x190@2x

But, we all know that British winters are rather wet. What better way to weather the storm than in a pair of military boots? Team them with the new seasons must have, the military jacket to unite the look. Don’t forget the good old worker boot. Perfect with skinny jeans, they also look hot with the ultimate casual jacket of the season, the bomber.

                                        Classic Oxford shoe   

The most popular styles are likely to be in suede and  brushed leather. Fix up and look sharp in a pair of leather Chelsea boots. We arent going to jump on a trusty steed and gallop off into the sunset any time soon, but these boots do look particularly cool with turn up jeans and a winter coat.LAVISH-CRIMSON-KHAKI-MICROSUEDE-A-190x190@2x

Finally, don’t rule out the classic Oxford shoe either. It always has, and always will be a winner for the office.Josef Kazan is a fashion writer with ten years industry experience. They recommend New Look for men’s shoes.

Find The Right Shoes


The Huge Selection 

When you go shopping for shoes, you may find that the huge selection overwhelms you. Do you need espadrilles, pumps or stilettos? To better buy when shoes are on the shopping list, you need to use the tips in this article to guide your search towards the perfect pair.images (6)

Never wear your sneakers without putting on a pair of socks first. This can damage your foot since it makes it rub the shoes directly. This can also cause foot fungus. You need to wear some cotton socks and use foot powder in order to make sure your feet stay dry. If a shoe feels too tight, try the next size up.

Wear footwear that feel comfortable to your feet. Its important to care for your feet. If they are uncomfortable, they may be damaging your (1)

 Shoe Salesperson

A shoe salesperson can help you choose a shoe that fits.

Sport shoes should fit good around your ankle. Not fitting good is one of the primary causes for ankle injuries.Do not wear the same shoes every day.images (2)

This can be really tempting, particularly when you have a favorite pair, but do your best to avoid it. This will stop your foot from becoming more limber, and there is a chance that it will cause your shoes to get an odor.

Do not expect to be able to buy one pair of shoes that will meet all your needs. Different activities require shoes with different characteristics, and it is unrealistic to expect to be able to purchase one multitasking pair of shoes. For instance, running shoes need to be flexible and cushioned, whereas walking shoes need to be stiff and supportive.

Specifically Designed

If you want to practice a sport or an outdoor activity, you should choose some shoes specifically designed for this activity. Try different pairs and choose one that makes you feel comfortable.images (4)

 Shoes don’t have to fit snug to be a good fit.

Also, look for a heel that is between half and inch and one inch, for maximum comfort no matter what the occasion.If you want to hide your toes because you do not have the time to paint your nails before heading to work, just put on a close-toed pump or heel. That way, you still have the cute look from your shoe, and the toes stays hidden from view

 Poorly Fitting Shoes

Go on a walk with a pair of shoes on before buying them. Take a few laps around the place you’re shopping at, so you can be sure that the shoes you are wearing are comfortable.images (17)

This is a good way to avoid shoes that will squeeze your toes or slip. This will save you money as you will not have buyers remorse for purchasing poorly fitting shoes.Don’t be afraid to go to a thrift store to see if they have some nice shoes for a cheaper price than retail.

A lot of the time people will donate shoes just because they didn’t like them and barely wore them. You will save a lot of money by doing this and you never know what you’ll find!Have both of your feet measured each time you shop for shoes.images (7)


There is a good chance that one foot is somewhat larger than the other. Also, be sure to stand during measurements. An accurate measurement will assist you in finding the perfect fit. The proper fit will extend the life of the shoe and great levels of comfort.images (4)

Now that you know how to easily shop smarter for shoes, but these tips to use. The more of them you use, the better, so commit them to memory today. If you do, you will find that your shoe shopping turns into a pleasurable event that you never turn down again.More Information:..searching prices ShoeDeals 4 u

images (16)

Find Quality Boots that Fit Like a Glove


Looking for that perfect pair of boots for hiking, riding horses or motorcycles, or work? Use this guide to find quality boots that fit like a glove…

Finding just the right fit for your boots is important if you want comfort and healthy feet. Whether buying motorcycle boots, logger boots, lacer boots, cowboy boots, or steel toe boots, you’ll want the best fit possible so you can enjoy your activities without aches and blisters. Here are some “fitting” tips to remember when shopping for boots.

Choose Quality over Price

Invest only in boots of high quality. Price should only be a factor once you’ve carefully examined the quality of the boots. To put them to the test, check for solid bottoms. Try pressing your thumb into the bottom of the sole. If the sole can be pressed in with your thumb, the boots are probably too soft to give the protection you need. Also, try twisting the soles of the boots. If you can twist them, they’re probably too soft. Solid bottoms are very important with steel toe boots, logger boots, lacer boots, or any other boots used for strenuous work or activities.

Another indicator of quality is the strength and protection provided by the sides of the boots. Good boots will provide extra padding to protect your feet from rocks, stones, metal objects, and so forth. Ankle support can be tested by grabbing the top of the boot and trying to bend it over sideways. If it can be bent easily, then ankle support is probably not a main feature.

If working outdoors or doing outdoor activities such hiking or riding motorcycles, be sure the boots are waterproof. Motorcycle boots and cowboy boots will be exposed to all sorts of weather while riding, from the heat of the sun to possibly heavy rain downpours! Waterproof boots will last longer and protect your feet from moisture.

Pricing your boots should only come after quality has been considered. You can shop online to find great bargains once you know which type or brand name of boots you want.

Fitting Your Boots

Even if shopping online for boots, you should have them fitted in person by a professional if possible. Remember, all boots are not created equal; all feet are not created equal! Your boots should fit like a glove and be as comfortable as your running shoes. Even heavy boots should fit comfortably.

Before leaving the house, grab a pair of socks you would normally wear with boots. Try on the boots and wear them while walking around the store for at least 15 minutes.

Sizing Your Boots

Be sure the boots do not slip on the heel. Also, check for plenty of room at the toes. Many brand name boots offer a “wide toe” size if needed. Check the sizing with your index finger. To do this, unlace the boots and move your foot forward as far as possible. Try slipping your index finger inside the boot behind the ankle. If your finger fits there comfortably, then you’ve got the right size. They’re not too tight or too loose.

To check for tightness, try them on without socks once. Be sure your toes have plenty of “wiggling” space. Also, feel for tight spots around the sides of your feet. Then, test the boots again with socks.

Test Your Stride

While walking around the store, notice how the boots feel when walking forward, backward and sideways. If planning to wear the boots while hiking or walking on inclined areas, ask the store clerk if there’s an inclined area in the store or a slanted board to test your boots.

Shopping for Boots Online

Once you find the perfect fit and quality boots, you can go online to find great prices on the type of boots you need. There are boot outlets online that offer many brand names and styles to fit your needs. Also, many online malls offer other items for sale, from RC toys to diecast model cars, so you can do other shopping during your visit. Whether you need logging boots, lacer boots, cowboy boots, steel toe boots, or motorcycle boots, you’ll want the very best. Your feet are worth it!

Behavior in the Unisex Shoe Store


This report analyzes the role personal, social, and situational factors in consumer behaviour in the unisex shoe store category. Observations were made at three different shoe retailers including Town Shoes, Payless Shoe Source, and The Shoe Company. These three stores offer very diverse retail environments targeted towards different demographics of people. This report also found that the retail setting, such as music, light, and organization, had an effect on the actions of the consumers in the store. The time of day also had an effect on consumer’s purchasing (1)

The time of day also had an effect on consumer’s purchasing behaviour. This report also found that the retail setting, such as music, light, and organization, had an effect on the actions of the consumers in the store. The time of day also had an effect on consumer’s purchasing behaviour.

Environmental analysis
Town Shoes: The store had bright lights and loud pop culture music without lyrics which attracted a younger demographic of customers. There were “Buy one get one half off” signs displayed all around the store, which encourages consumers to buy more than one pair of shoes. The shoes are displayed without any form of organization; brand name shoes are mixed in with non-brand low-quality ones, all stacked in piles on the floor.

There are no specific try-on areas for shoppers to try on their shoes and the sales people were mostly unavailable to answer questions because of the high turnover rate of customers entering and exiting the store. The sale racks that post 50% have mixed shoes of different color, style, and size. Most of the shoes are for the current season (i.e. sandals, pumps) and the majorities are female sandals and (2)

There are no specific try-on areas for shoppers to try on their shoes and the sales people were mostly unavailable to answer questions because of the high turnover rate of customers entering and exiting the store. The sale racks that post 50% have mixed shoes of different color, style, and size. Most of the shoes are for the current season (i.e. sandals, pumps) and the majorities are female sandals and heels.

Payless: The sale discount signs and cheap price of shoes is the big attention grabber for this store. The medium lighting with soft background music provides consumers a relaxing environment to shop. The shoes are displayed in a warehouse style according to size and gender and accessories. There are also medium quality bags and accessories located near the cashier that satisfies consumer’s desire to take part in the summer fashion. The store layout implies that there is no other inventory since all the shoes are out on display. Most of the shoes only

The store layout implies that there is no other inventory since all the shoes are out on display. Most of the shoes only targets the current season. There are limited numbers of try-on areas at the end of the aisles near the back of the store, encouraging shoppers to test out shoes. The employees do not seem to approach customers to help them but are available for questions.

The Shoe Company: The recognizable designer shoes are on the display to attract consumers who seek for quality shoes or the desire to identify themselves as having a higher social status. Although the bright lighting and hip-hop music attracts younger audience, the shoes in the store targets consumers from infants to (3)

The shoes are displayed on the walls, aisle racks according to different themes and price range. Under each brand and style of shoe, there are at least three boxes inventory of the same shoe with different sizes. The sales representatives appear to be friendly and approach customers with information on different styles of shoes and the occasion they fit in. There are many try on areas at the end of each shoe aisle and consumers are encouraged by the sales representatives to try on the shoes before they make a decision.

Consumer Behaviour analysis
Town shoes: Most consumers who purchased shoes from the store are female shoppers in their early 20s, who were shopping alone or with a friend. The sales discount attracts young shoppers with a minimal income but seek to have the designer wear for a cheaper price. Most people who bought shoes spent more than 30 minutes inside the store to make purchasing decisions and used their time trying on several types of shoes before deciding.

Most people who bought shoes spent more than 30 minutes inside the store to make purchasing decisions and used their time trying on several types of shoes before deciding. The buyers are not eager to ask questions because the employees are already occupied helping the high rate of customers entering and exiting the store.images (4)

Payless: The cheap prices attract price-conscious consumers who have a specific goal in mind before they go in to the store. There are two major consumer groups: female consumers in their 20-30’s and families. The female buyers usually go into the store alone with a specific style of shoe or accessory in mind.

Due to the relatively cheap price, their decision-making takes less time. The family shoppers usually purchased more than one pair of shoes for each member of the family, taking advantage of the sales. The buyers prefer to shop without

The family shoppers usually purchased more than one pair of shoes for each member of the family, taking advantage of the sales. The buyers prefer to shop without help of clerks and their choices are influenced by the prices. Consumers also do not hesitate to buy small accessories or bags, which are in front of the cashier. Some of the shoppers also entered the store to only buy accessories or other items.

The Shoe Company: The group of buyers with the highest purchase rate are female consumers in their late 30’s. The buyers share a common characteristic of information gathering by asking the sales associate questions about the alternatives available. The buyers are attracted by the sale of designer shoes in the store and they do not appear to have specific requirements for the shoes they want. The sales clerks approach group 1 buyers and inform them the discounts on

The sales clerks approach group 1 buyers and inform them the discounts on high-quality shoes and top-selling merchandises. The high prices cause buyer to take longer time in decision-making and evaluating the risks incurred when they choose to buy the shoes.

Conclusion images
After analysis of the retail environment, we found many different patterns were found at (omit) the shoe stores. The store layout, display of prices and sales, interaction with employees and type of music being played had a significant influence on the demographic of the shoppers and their actions in the store.

However, the biggest influence on the consumers at all stores appeared to be price and availability of preferred shoe styles.

The Effect of Pointe Shoes



                            Test Performance

The purpose of experiment was to determine whether or
not Pointe shoes make a person’s feet more or less sensitive then if
someone does not wear Pointe shoes. The scientific purpose of this
experiment is to determine whether or not Pointe shoes affect the download (1)
sensitivity of your feet and make it so that people can not feel
pressure as much as people who do not go on Pointe. There is no other
information available on this topic. This was determined when no
information was found on this subject online.


If sensitivity of your feet is related to going on Pointe,
then people who go on Pointe will have less sensitive feet then people
who do not go on Pointe.
Analysis: The data received from this experiment was very interesting.
There was much less sensitivity from feet that are on Pointe then from
feet that are not on Pointe. All of the data followed this consistent
pattern and there was no data proving anything different.images (1)

Since there
was no other information on experiments similar to this, it was
assumed that no other experiments have been done on this topic. But
there were many limitations during this experiment.

For one thing, it
was not possible to receive data from other sources. This data came
from only two sources (Justina Coe and Sylvia Dziewulak). That is one
way this experiment could have been improved. Another way is if more
time was allowed. Then it would have been possible to test the two images
people involved in this experiment several more times to make sure
that there were no errors in the data.

Another experiment that could
also be done on this topic is whether the nerves are damaged from the
pressure from Pointe shoes or if the calluses are just preventing the
full feeling of the (2)


Pointe shoes do affect the sensitivity of feet.

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